Budapest mailboxYou’ll find nearly 400 blogs listed on this page. Although most are about translation, I’ve also added some on interpreting and some non-translation blogs related to grammar, writing and editing.

Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions if you think I’ve left an interesting blog out or if a link doesn’t work.

Although this list started out based on blogs in languages I can understand (English, Spanish and German), I’m quite happy to add colleagues’ recommendations in other languages too.

Name in grey = Bulgarian; red = English; purple = French; blue = German; yellow = Greek; pink = Italian; orange = Portuguese; green = Spanish

* = new content has been posted on the blog in 2020 (as at 25 August 2020)

(year) = year last content was published on the blog

Blogs with no new content in the past five years will be removed from the list.

Last updated August 2020

*ABK Translations by Allison Klein

*About Translation by Riccardo Schiaffino

AbroadLink Blog available in Spanish and English

*Acclaro Blog

ACG Translation by Aga Gordon

*Adventures in Technical Translation by Lingua Greca (Catherine Christaki & Christos Floros)

Adventures of the Babblesmith by Hayley Smith

*Affinity Translation Blog

*AIIC Blog by the International Association of Conference Interpreters

Alastaire Allday Freelance Copywriter

Alchemist’s Lair by Alessandra Martelli (2019)

Alessio Iacovoni on Interpreting and Translating (2017)

*Algo más que traducir by Pablo Muñoz

*All Language Alliance – Legal Translations

Allison writes by Allison Wright

*Alpha Omega Translations Blog


*Ampersound Blog

Andrew Godfrey Translations (2018)

Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy Blog

*Anglo Premier Translations by Timothy Barton

Apertis Verbis by Lara Fasoli, Miruna Georgescu and Eleanor Regin (2019)

*Argos Multilingual

*ATA Chronicle Online

*ATC Blog Association of Translation Companies

*Atlas Translations

AulaSIC Blog

*Aussie Translations Blog

Authors & Translators


babble-blog: App Localization by Babble-on

*Beckett Translation Services Blog by David Beckett

*Behind The Curtains by Danielle Sanchez – some posts in English

Bellalingo by Christina McGown

*Bellingua by Natalie Soper

Ben Translates by Ben Karl (2018)

*Better Lies by Kymm Coveney

Between Translations by Jayne Fox (2018)

*Beyond Words by ALTA

*Bitácora del cosnauta

Blog About Translation Business by Simon Akhrameev (Russian Translator Pro) (2019)

*Blog de Fabio by Fabio Descalzi

Blog de Javier Sancho Durán

*Blog de Lengua by Alberto Bustos

*Blog de Margarita Arizmendi Salem

*Blog de Okodia by Okodia

*Blog de Pablo Mugüerza

Blog de Xosé Castro

*Blog del Traductor Jurado by Alba Pérez and Rodrigo Mencía

Blue Lines Blog

Blue Skies Translation Blog by Beth Skinner

*Bootheando by Clara Guelbenzu

Brave New Words by BJ Epstein

Business School for Translators by Marta Stelmaszak

BVIW Blog by Burton, Van Iersel and Whitney


*Cálamo & Cran Blog

*Cape Context by Virve Juhola

Capital Translations by Lloyd Bingham

Carlos’ Realm by Carlos González-Rivera

Carol Translates by Carol Bidwell

*Carol’s Adventures in Translation by Caroline Alberoni

cdlancer blog by Carlos Djomo (2017)

*Center for the Art of Translation

*CETRA Language Solutions Blog

Chatter and Verse by Alison Hughes

*Choice of Words by Yulia Tsybysheva

Chris Durban’s Blog (2018)

*CIEP Blog Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading

Cifuentes Translations by Maeva Cifuentes (2019)

*Circa Lingua by David Miralles

*Circle Translations Blog

Closer wor(l)ds by Inbox Translation

*CMOS Shop Talk (blog of the Chicago Manual of Style)

Coaching For Translators by Christelle Maignan (2017)

*Colorado Translators Association Blog

Compartiendo Traducción by Mª Luisa García Casal

*Comtec Translations Blog

*Coordenadas by Ismael Pardo



*Crosses Rivers thoughts on interpreting


*Day Translations Blog

*dba Plan B Blog by Paula Gordon

Diálogos by Martin Boyd

*Diario de un alemol (Tagebuch eines Alemols) by André Höchemer

*Diary of a Mad Patent Translator by Steve Vitek

*DMH Servicions Blog by Delfina Morganti Hernández

*Don de Lenguas by Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación de la Universidad de Salamanca

*DP Blog by Dorota Pawlak

Dragon Translate Blog by Wesley Gerrard


Earthlang by Sofia Polykreti

*Eat Sleep Edit Repeat by Liz Jones

El arte de traducir by Eva María Martínez

El Carpintero Traductor by Rafael Carpintero

*El Foreing Office

*El Gascón Jurado by Fernando A. Gascón Nasarre

*El nanoblog del Gonz by Gonzalo Claros

El Taller del Traductor

*eMpTy Pages by Kirti Vashee

*En la luna de Babel by Scheherezade Surià

English to French IT Translator Blog by Anthony Teixeira

Extra Speech by Olivier Den Hartigh

Ewandro Magalhaes Blog (2019)


Ferris Translations Blog by Michael Ferris

Financial Translation Hub by Francesca Airaghi

*Finely Selected Words by Rose Newell

Food for Translators by Brin Wilson

*Food Translation Blog by Pili Rodríguez Deus

*FR by Frederika Randall

*Freelancers Union Blog

Freelancery by Walt Kania

From Words to Deeds: translation and the law by Juliette Scott


*GALA Blog by Globalization & Localization Association

*Geo Group Blog

German Translation Blog by Joanna Scudamore-Trezek


*Glokalize by Gary Smith – some posts in Spanish

*Gonduana by Jesús Prieto

Gos Talks by Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz

*Grammar Girl by Mignon Fogarty

*Greenlit Translations by Alison Hindley


Hannah Keet Blog

*Harrespil Language Services Blog by Angélique Olivia Moreau

Hello Translator Blog

Herb’s Blog by Herbert Eppel

Hispafra by Alexandra Le Deun – some posts in English

*Homing Words Translations by Victoria Principi

Honest Freelancer by Chiara Bartolozzi – some posts in English

*How to Write Better by Suzan St Maur


*ichliebelanguages by Alexandra Corrigan

*ICR Translations by Irene Corchado Resmella

In love with words by Alessandra Vita – some posts in English

*In My Own Terms by Patricia Brenes

Inklings by Molly McCowan (Inkbot Editing)

Insights into Technical Translation by Roberto Crivello

*Integrated MarCom Translations Blog by Marion Rhodes

Intercultural Zone by Patricia Lane (2019)

Intermark Language Services Corporation by Thomas West

Interpreter Soapbox by Monika Kokoszycka (2017)

Interpretings by Elisabet Tiselius (2016)

*Intersecting Law & Languages by Suzanne Deliscar

*Isabella Massardo Copy & Translation

*ITI Blog by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

*iTi Blog by Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

*Ivannovation Language Management Blog


JAL Translation by Joseph Lambert

*Janeishly by Jane Davis

*J-EN Translations by Jennifer O’Donnell

Jonathan Beagley Blog

*Journal of Specialised Translation (JoSTrans)

*Jugando @ Traducir by Rafael López Sánchez

*Júramelo by Begoña Martínez and Pedro Cano Navarro

*JurTrans Blog (The World of Legal Translation) by John O’Shea

*Just Translate It by Olesya Zaytseva


Kathrin Luddecke Blog

Katie Uniacke Location-Independent Translator & Copywriter

Koonin Translations by Kari Koonin


*La Linterna del Traductor by ASETRAD

La Traducción más allá de las Palabras by Andrea Peñalver Albendea

La trastienda de la interpretación by Esther Moreno (2017)

Lakesidelinguist’s Blog by Jenny Whiteley

*Language Hat by Steve Dodson

*Language Matters by Kathleen Stein-Smith

Language Mystery by Victor Dewsbery

*Language Reach Blog

*Language Scientific Blog

*Laura Traducción by Laura López

*Legally Yours from Spain by Rob Lunn

Leon Hunter Blog (2019)

Let’s Talk About It by Brooke A. Cochran

*Level Up Translation

Lexeme Traductions by Clair Pickworth

*Léxico Jurídico Español-Inglés …a site for exploring legal terminology by Rebecca Jowers

*Life Translated by Alison Trujillo

LifeinLINCS by the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University

*Lines from a Linguist by Claire Cox

LingoBlog by Sure Languages

*Linguism Language in a word by Graham Pointon

*Linguistic Alchemy by Karine Leroux

Localization in Silicon Valley by Francesco Pugliano

LocQAz by Javier Mallo

*London Translations News & Events

Looking-Glass Translations by Marie Jackson

Los Lenguas (2018)

Love German Books by Katy Derbyshire

* Blog


*MA Translation Studies News by Carol O’Sullivan

*Madalena Zampaulo Blog

*Madam Mayo by C.M. Mayo

*Maeva Everywhere by Maeva Cifuentes

Marketing para traductores by Elena Fernández (2015)

*Marketing Tips for Translators Blog by Tess Whitty

*Mars Translation Blog

Masaharu Hayataki

Más de una lengua by Laura Moreno


Mastermind Translations by Katarzyna E. Slobodzian-Taylor

*Masterword Services

*Mediateo News – some posts in French

*Mehdi Adlany Translates

*Melodía de Traducción by José Manuel Manteca Merino

*memoQ Blog

Metaphrasi by Foteini Moschi

minibego by Begoña Martínez

*Mitra Translations Blog – some posts in Bulgarian

*Mox’s Blog by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos

Mrs. Divi by Tanya Quintieri

Multicultural, not just multilingual by Louise Souter

*Multifarious by Paul Filkin

*Multilingual Insights

*Musings and Advice on Translation by Miriam Hurley

*Musings from an overworked translator by Jill R. Sommer

My Message in a Bottle by Genevieve Shaw

My Thoughts on Translation and Languages by Katie L Ward

*My Words for a Change by Nikki Graham – some posts in French and Spanish


*NAJIT Blog by the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators

Naked Translations by Céline Graciet (2018)

*Nina’s Blog on Transcreation Topics by Nina Sattler-Hovdar

No Peanuts! for Translators

*Nora Díaz on Translation, Teaching, and Other Stuff


On Language and Translation by Barbara Jungwirth (Reliable Translations)

One Hour Translation

*Only Human Translators by Simon Berrill

Oxford Words Blog by Oxford Dictionaries


PacTranz by Dennis Brown (Pacific International Translations)

Palabras by Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz

*Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators – Graduates of the Ionian University– some posts in English

Patent Language by Martin Cross

*Professional Copywriters’ Blog


Rafa Lombardino Blog

Rainbow News by Rainbow Translations

Rainy London Translations by Valeria Aliperta

*Reading in Translation by Lucina Schell and Stiliana Milkova

*Rebecca Elder Translation Blog

Red Comunica (2017)

RedLine Language Services

*Ridge Writing Retreats by Kate Sotejeff-Wilson

*Right Angels and Polo Bears by Adrienne Montgomerie (adventures in editing)

*Rita Maia Translation Services– some posts in English

Rose Newell Blog

*Rosetta Translation posts by Alison Tunley

*Rubén Pedro López

#RuckusMakersChallenge by Chris Durban

Russian Translation Knowledge Base at your Fingertips by Velior


Sciword – Translation and Interpreting Tips and Thoughts by Maria Karra

*SDL Trados Blog

*Seekncheck Blog

*SENSE Blog by the Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands

*Sentence First by Stan Carey

*Separated by a Common Language by Lynne Murphy

*Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

*Signs and Symptoms of Translation by Emma Goldsmith

*Slator – Language Industry Intelligence

*Small Blue Dog Publishing by Belinda Pollard

*Smart Blogger Blog by Jon Morrow and others

*Smart Translator’s Reunion by Catherine Cellier-Smart

*So what does a translator do? by Alison Hughes

Sparks – Thoughts on Translation and Culture by Andrea Bernard – some posts in German

*Speakt Blog

Speechbox Translates by Florencia Castaño

Spotlight on Translation by Lucy Brooks

*Sprachrausch by Else Gellinek

Spreading the Word by Carmen Arismendy (eLingual.Net)

Steve Woods

*Strategic Agenda News

*STP blog by Sandberg Translation Partners

*Strong Language by various

Stroppy Editor by Tom Freeman

*Success by Rx by Jenae Spry



Talk Turkey To Me by Una Dimitrijevic

*TAUS Blog

TeInteresa by AETI (Asociación Española Universitaria de Traducores e Intérpretes en Formación)

*TermCoord Terminology Coordination (European Parliament)

Terminologia, etc. by Licia Corbolante

*TerminoTrad The Blog … Le Blog by Roger McKeon

*That elusive pair of jeans by Allison Wright

*That Interpreter Blog by Liz Essary

The ALE Thought Leader Blog by Academic Language Experts

*The Creative Translator by Sarah Hudson

The Deep End by Claire Harmer, Katharine Mears, Felicity Pearce, Paula Pitkethly and Sandra Young

*The Editing Blog by Louise Harnby

*The English Translator Blog by Andrea Garfield-Barkworth

*The Interpreter Diaries by Michelle Hof

*The Language Blog by K International

*The #LanguageMatters Blog Translators without Borders

*The Lingua File by TLF Translation

*The ol’ weblog on language, finance and tech by Luke Spear

*The Open Mic run by Dmitry Kornyukhov

*The Professional Interpreter by Tony Rosado

*The Publishing Training Centre

*The Savvy Newcomer ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting

The Translator’s Teacup by Rose Newell

Their Words. Your Voice. by Shenny Wu

Thoughts on Translation by Corinne McKay (2019)

*Tim Gutteridge, MITI Blog

Tina and Mouse by Elena de Terán Bleiberg

Tips for Academic and Scientific Writing by Allison Jermain

Tips ‘n’ Tools for Translators by Carl Carter




Tradubeledi Translations by Brenda Galván

*Traducción Jurídica by Ruth Gámez and Fernando Cuñado

*Traducción médica, técnica y literaria by Nuria Viver Barri

Traducción temeraria by Nadia García Díaz

*Traducir es descubrir by Laeticia Lucie Abihssira García

*Traducir&Co by Merche García Lledó

Traductores Audiovisuales de la Argentina (2019)

*Tradumei by Jesús García and Laetitia Gañán

*Traduzione Chiara Blog by Chiara Zanardelli

Trágora Formación Blog


*Transblawg by Margaret Marks

Transcreatist by Camille Poudens

Transculturalis by Jeannette

Translartisan’s Blog by Nora Torres – some posts in Spanish

Translating is an Art by Percy Balemans

*Translating matters by Lucy O’Shea

*Translating Technical Journalism by Steve Dyson

Translation and l10n for dummies by Marta Chereshnovska

*Translation and Minimalism by Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler

*Translation Blog by Transpanish

Translation Bookmarking by Nancy Matis

Translation Business by Paul Sulzberger

*Translation Excellence

Translation for Lawyers

Translation Journal

Translation Rules by Clint Tustison

*Translation Services 24

Translation Technology Blog by Joseph Wojowski

Translation Therapy by Shai Navé

*Translation Times by Judy and Dagmar Jenner

*Translation Topics by Kirameki Translation & Interpreting

*Translation Tribulations by Kevin Lossner

Translation, untangled by Carolyn Yohn

*Translation Wordshop by Marie Brotnov

*Translationista by Susan Bernofsky

*Translations123 Blog

*Translations News


*Translator Fun by Romina Bona – posts are also in Spanish

Translator Gigs

Translator Mentoring by Karen Rückert

Translator Power by A.M. Sall (2018)

Translator Thoughts by Chiara Grassilli

Translator T.O. by

Translator Travels: The Adventures of an Intrepid Translator by Hannah Keet

*Translator’s Blog by Tomedes

Translator’s Digest by Paula Arturo and Pablo Klammer

*Translator’s Studio by Gwenydd Jones

Translators Anonymous

*Translators Family by Oleg Semerikov

Translators Growth Blog by Sherif Abuzid

Transliteria by Ewa Erdmann


TransTeach by Claire Culliford


*Treeloc Blog

*Tricks and Hacks by Hanna Sles

TrueMatch Translation Blog

Trust Your Brand by David Garcia Ruiz

*Trusted Translations

*TTC wetranslate blog

*Two-Fifty Tops: Musings of a Janepreneur by Jane Eggers


*Unprofessional Translation by Brian Harris Blog by Pieter Beens (2019)

*Vibrant Words Translations by Carolina Casado Parras

*Vistatec Blog


*Web-Translations Blog

Which translates to by Magda Phili

Whyte Language Services by Holly-Anne Whyte

Winged Translations by Clara Giampietro

*Wolfestone Blog

*Women in Localization

Word Assets by Veronica Sardon

*Word Boutique by Anja Jones Translations

Word in Your Ear by Lourdes de Rioja – some posts in Spanish

Word Prisms by Kevin Hendzel


WordLo by Maria Pia Montoro (2019)

*Words to Good Effect by Marian Dougan

*WordWise Blog by Steven Hutson

Wordyrama by Konstantina Drakou – some posts in Greek

Working with Words by Nicola Thayil

Writefull Blog academic writing tips and insights


*XL8Freelancer by Tomas Donoval

*Your Professional Translator by Olga Arakelyan

*Your Translator Curator by Laura Cattaneo – some posts in Italian

*YourTranslator.GR by Marina Spanou – some posts in English

*ZingBlog by Zingword


3P Translation by Martina Eco (2019)

300 Words – Kurz und Knackig by Susanne Schmidt-Wussow

*20.000 lenguas by Olga Jeno

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    Great list you have here! I appreciate the effort in providing the community with accurate information on the world of translators 🙂

    In this spirit, I wanted to bring another translation blog to your attention: ( I think it would fit beautifully on an updated version of this article.

    Thanks for reading this!

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