Sorry, this is about GDPR and my privacy notice

Dear all,

I’m sure you’re as fed up as I am with GDPR-related emails and notifications, so I’ll keep it brief. Trying to get GDPR compliant for today has proved to be a huge headache I really could have done without. Every step of the way, just when I thought I’d got my head around it, someone somewhere mentioned something else to examine and worry over. And, of course, everyone seems to have a different opinion.

I’m sure we’ll all be tweaking our notices, polices and other documents for quite some time as we gradually work out what this all really means for the translation community. In the meantime, as far as this blog and website are concerned, you’ll find everything (hopefully) you need to know in my new privacy notice and cookie policy. I’ll soon add a terms of use of this website, which will be an expanded version of the current copyright notice.

Good luck with your GDPR efforts and I’ll be back with far more interesting content soon.

Best wishes,

Nikki Graham

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